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You can make more money by increasing your video views on YouTube. There are many ways you can go about this: You can post your video on popular social networks, in related forums, or have it featured in an article (although you have no control over whether a video of yours will be featured on such online magazines and whatnot). You also have the option to youtube video views if you want a surefire solution to the dearth of views in your YouTube channel and its content. You also need to aim to be included in most viewed lists, playlists, and search results in order to truly maximize the amount of views you'll be getting.

 When It Comes to YouTube, It's All About the Views

 ¾     It's all about the views when it comes to YouTube. It's true. The ones who are offered to monetize their (original) video content for YouTube on a monthly basis are those with the most views. One of the most viewed channels on YouTube even hosts and talks about viral videos to his subscribers, which is a smart move because views begets views and his popularity combined with the popularity of viral videos will lead in a loop of views for himself and the viral videos he's featuring.

 ¾     In marketing terms, getting more views for your marketing videos can be a hard sell of sorts. After all, no one wants to view commercials willingly (there are exceptions, but the general rule is distaste when it comes to commercials), and marketing videos are essentially commercials. This is why many (small-time) companies (that haven't made a name for themselves) will tend to buy YouTube views from YouTube view vendors to increase the views of their videos.

 ¾     Buying YouTube views for your videos is a sound plan because it helps it land the suggested videos page, the most viewed lists, and the search results of the video site, which will compel people to watch your video and possibly turn them into your customers (such that every number of views has an equivalent sale in your business).

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