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A vacation will never be complete without at least a couple of hours of shopping. It also depends on your destination on how many hours you should dedicate to shopping. If you are planning a trip to Dubai with family or friends, you can be sure that a few hours will not be enough with the many great finds that you can get your hands on. From luxury brands to traditional items, spices and even all kinds of gold, you can find just about everything you need or want in this little place in the Middle East. After all, the rich and famous often stop over here and make their shopping rounds. If you ever find yourself regretting that you failed to purchase more pashminas to bring home, or some more luxury goods from your trip to one of the world-class Dubai malls, you don’t have to fret. If there is still some more credit left in your credit card or you have some cash left, you can still splurge on flydubai airlines!

Great finds while waiting

Dubai not only boasts of the world’s third busiest airport in terms of international traffic, they also take pride in being able to offer luxury goods, electronics and more inside the airport itself. It has been expanded and renovated to accommodate travellers as well as several duty free shops that actually offer very popular items at a reduced price as compared to the malls mainly because they’re tax-free! How fortunate can you get finding a spanking new tablet for 60 dollars less than its mall price? You can be sure that you will only find high-quality and popular products in Dubai Airport Shopping. It will just take a tremendous amount of willpower for you to get a hold of yourself and not max out your credit card from the crazy prices that you can find in Dubai Airport Shopping while waiting for your flight.Go here to see, what author recommends.