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Prepper is another term used to refer to a survivalist blog. As the term survivalist rooted from survival, the word prepper came from the word prepare although it is not yet widely recognized in dictionaries. They are people or groups of people who actively prepare for disasters whether natural or manmade. They are self-reliant and engage in different things that would make them more prepared for anything that could come their way. They are people who usually encourage others to do whatever they are doing to also prepare. If you visit a prepper blog, you will surely find different means to prepare yourself too.


According to these people there are several basics that you must first prepare before moving on to other necessities for survival.

  1. Strong body. Whether you are ensuring your survival from a war or a natural disaster, you always need to be fit in order to survive. A fit body can make it easier for you to move faster. It can also make you strong. It does not necessarily mean building muscles; it just means having a body free from diseases or things that could hinder survival. Exercise and a healthy diet are essential for them at all times.
  2. Sharp mind. You need to have a clear and sharp mind at all times. This will lead you to act rationally and faster in desperate times. Preppers have several sets of exercises for the brain that makes it possible for them to make sound decisions even during heavy pressure. A sharp mind also helps them analyze a situation faster.


With these two basics set straight, people will be able to think better and help them determine what they need to do in order to survive different situations. Even if a person only has his body, if he is strong enough to move and able to think straight, he will be able to find different means to last.

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