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It is more sensible to use the shoes that will satisfy your safety and comfort. When playing netball games it is more important thing to consider the footwear equipment. Choosing the best shoes is just like choosing the most glamorous brand because they are more expert on this field. There are thousand of netball shoes worldwide which has different styles, shapes, and colours by which the production company needs to consider for the beneficial use.


Basic Tips before buying netball shoe;

1.   Stability- you need to choose the shoe that will support your weigh when you are in the pivot and netball area. Choose the best shoe that can handle the condition of your body when you are running or jumping.

2.   Movement- the shoe that support your different range of your motion. Some shoes will support you from quick stops, sudden changes of direction and your unexpected lateral movements. There are shoes that are designed for directly one way motion that supports moreover on your toes and heels. Choose the shoe that supports your all around movement as well as maximum comfort at the suitable sides of your feet.

3.   Profile- the netball game needs to have a shorter profile shoe. This mean that the shoe of your choice needs to be lower heels or better no hills so that it will touch the lower ground which will allow you to move greatly and flexible.

4.   Outsole-the outsole requires to be reproved by the court or the asphalt on the netball court. This is the reason why Shoe Company needs to provide ticker and stiffer shoes compared to a regular shoe. The running shoe needs to be more special and more flexible to be use.


Netball shoe needs to be more durable not only for the exercises purposes but to be more effective in different ways. There is more advantage on running shoes than a netball shoe it is because the running shoe is lighter and it is generally comfortable to be use than netball shoe. Click here to know more about it