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One of the most important pieces of information you need to know when it comes to water-fed pole products is this. You need an RO (Reverse Osmosis) with a fast and continuous water output—at least around 400 gallons per day—in order to ensure that your designated visit works as splendidly as possible. Of course, if water pressure within your area is low from the get go, refilling tanks and ensuring the pureness of the water coming out of your water-fed pole may prove difficult. You need to find ways to maintain optimum water pressure, or be around a commercial district where standard water pressure rates are bountiful.


Fixing Problems Relating to Low Water Pressure in Terms of the Water-Fed Pole


·         If it can't be helped that the water pressure in your area is quite low, then there are ways to artificially increase the water pressure to optimum levels, like purchasing a booster pump along with your water-fed pole setup so that the system can run faster and in premium-grade condition, whether you're using it for cleanup purposes or for some other commercial reason.


·         Van systems give you two options when dealing with them. You can get a professional to handle everything at an extra cost on your part and buy your system pre-built (which means you might have to buy the van along with the system so there's little assembly required for the whole deal). You can also have the pros install the system into your van and whatever designated applications you want to use it for if you already have a van on hand.


·          You can also go about van system installation for water-fed poles by yourself. Just keep in mind that you'll have to deal with securing the tank in a safe manner with floor-bolted straps or via a cage. You'll also be tweaking pieces of the contraption to reduce of time loading and unloading the water-fed poles. Finally, you'll have to manage fitting all the bits and bobs including the UPVC plastic lining or Protectacote van lining.Reference taken from here  .