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 Right Ingredients

There are several things to consider in making interior designs for different people. When we think of interior designs, furniture is the most thought of object that makes up the beauty of the house. That concept is entirely untrue since Orange County interior designers also undergo several sessions to better understand the effect of color schemes to an interior design.


Color Schemes

There are several color schemes that a designer must think about in order to get the look of harmony in every room that they design. Achromatic colors like gray and black or beige are the most used colors for interior designs of offices as well as houses. This emits tranquility and serious appearance and it does not distract people from their work. Monochromatic colors may also be used as a concept for interior design. It is usually requested by the customer based on their favorite colors and the designer will just make variations to it to develop contrast.

Triad color schemes are also used in making interior designs. They are mostly seen on houses with vibrant colors that are easily noticed by kids and are made solely to interest them. They are also seen on several restaurants to make exude a vibrant appeal and to illuminate more lighting to the room. The base colors are usually made from red, blue and yellow which are equidistant from each other and use the secondary colors in between them to create variations. This type of color scheme is also practiced to tie up colors in tetrad design that usually revolve around four colors for designing the room.

Complementary colors are also used by designers for their color schemes. This type of scheme is achieved by choosing two colors opposite each other in the color wheel in order to get creative results.

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