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Mosin Nagant rifles were developed by the Russians and used by snipers before and during World War II. It is well known for its accuracy even from considerable distances. It has also been used and modified by different countries and is still being purchased today by rifle and history enthusiasts and those who got into the hobby of shooting. Nowadays, it is still available in large retail stores and online sellers for a very affordable price of under $100. It is magazine fed with an original 5 rounds capacity. Its ammunition are cheaper than other kinds of rifles.

Great collectible

Mosin Nagant rifles are fully upgradeable and customizable and easily maintained with no special tools. A lot of enthusiasts put in a considerable amount of money to upgrade polymer stocks, scope mounts, muzzle breaks and even paint jobs, which is frowned upon by the purists. It is of the dependable and reliable kind, one that can even be considered an heirloom, if taken care of well by previous generations. When featured in gun shows, you can count on it that Mosin Nagant rifles and magazines will be sold out right away.

10-round capacity

In recent news, it has been found that the Mosin Nagant magazine capacity can be extended to 10 rounds, much to the delight of current users. It is said that such an extension requires no gunsmithing or any special tools of any kind.  One just has to remove the magazine floorplate and insert the magazine extension. The 10-round magazine is being sold in websites such as Tactical Vantage. However, so many people are clamouring for it that they ran out of stock you might need to wait a while to purchase one, or some, depending on your needs. In any case, it is a great rifle to use and collect, which will be enjoyed by the future generations of your family in the years to come, if it is taken care of well.

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