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There is no better way to ensure emergency food rations than stocking up on where to buy mre meals. These are ready to eat meals that are packed with the right nutrients to ensure adequate nutrition. They are satisfying to eat because they were prepared to taste good despite being instant meals. They also come in a variety of choices so you can stock an assortment of menus to avoid menu fatigue.

We all keep emergency supplies in the house like medical kits and disaster kits but not everyone is aware that MREs can be purchased for food supplies. It used to be that only the military used them for their operational logistics. Today, however, civilian MREs are available for sale to the general public and are similar in content and quality with the military version.

These MREs are better for storing as emergency food rations because they are designed to for long storage.  You don’t need to be concerned if you don’t use them immediately since they can be stored for many years without spoilage as long as you keep them frozen in the right temperature. They are so convenient because they come packed with spoons and a ration heater for instant reheating. Whatever your diet is, you’ll find a suitable MRE as they have Kosher MREs and vegetarian MREs. Some MRE entrées include beef stew, spaghetti, chicken with noodles and vegetables and chicken tetrazzini.

More Facts About Storing MREs

MREs are very lightweight and easy to carry around. For this reason, many outdoor lovers also use them as food supplies when travelling or camping. They provide adequate calories to meet your daily recommend allowance and taste a whole lot better than other instant foods in the market.

When stored in the right temperature, they last a very long time. You can stock up with 3-4 cases of MREs without fear of expiry dates as long as you buy them from legitimate MRE vendors.

A single MRE bag costs from $5 up which is even more expensive than eating at a fastfood. Since these are meant to be disaster supplies, remember that you may not have access to cheaper foods during a crisis so the cost is not really comparable. Also, during a crisis, you may not have tools available for preparing other instant foods so the next best thing is to buy MRE meals for adequate nutrition.



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