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Each country possesses a set of standards, culture, beliefs, principles and language that define it. This, however, should not be perceived as barrier for two or more countries, or individuals of various origins, to create possibilities and make each one happen. Studying a new language, fluently or not, can make one achieve many goals and attend to certain matters.


Matters of the Heart

            Although actions speak louder than words, words are clearer than actions. In a time where inter-racial relationships and marriages are more common, it would be nicer for an Asian guy to send a love letter with Arabic font to a Syrian woman, or for a Chinese woman to say “Yes” to a European suitor in French.


Matters of Business

            Many promising, progressive or rich countries in terms of economy, investment and business do their dealings in their very own tongue like Japan, Saudi Arabia, Finland and Korea. Many business tycoons have actually made it big in the trading world without learning how to speak the English language. Especially if the deal is with such businessmen, these people will appreciate it more if the other party knows how to communicate, no matter how little it can be, in their native tongue.


Matters of Knowledge

            It would be easier for two colleagues or lab partners to be on the same page if both or one can speak the other language. That way, learning and productivity are fast. In some cases, printing the results of studies conducted in a certain country in the local dialect or language makes the communication of the data convenient.


            Mastering a new language for the sole purpose of being a linguist is a plus point to anyone’s resume. Learning how to write, read, speak or type a certain language is now easier thanks to books and websites that offer for instance free downloadable software for Arabic font.Go here to see, what author recommends.