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Dogs have been man’s best friend for a very long time. They can be the greatest companion, guide and all-around savior. Most dogs these days are trained to handle different types of situations and it is a good thing. But the thing you have to teach a dog is to recognize who the real master is.



The first instinct of a dog is to protect its master. However, there are situations where there are other people such as children who would want to play with your dog. There are times that your dog will have to mingle with other dogs. If your dog isn’t properly trained then you’ll have problems. You dog may even cause accidents. That is why there is a need for you to train your dog. You can start with the basics. For safety purposes, you can use a big dog leashes so your dog can learn to behave himself.

About Dog Training and Leashes

Putting on a leash on your dog is the most basic way you can use to train him or her how to behave. This is also a safety precaution for when there are other people or other animals around. You can start training your pal inside the house then move outside. Then, if your dog has become domesticated, you can take him to some social places like the park so he can be exposed to different types of situations. You must keep in mind that this phase should not be rushed. If your dog still seems aloof to children and other dogs then go back to training him or her inside the house.

The leash is important. You have to choose a softer one. You should also avoid tying it around your dog’s neck too tight. This will just enhance his aggression. Treat your dog with gentleness and kindness and it will surely reflect on his or her attitude towards others. Reference taken from here