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More and more individuals are opting for city dwelling. The greatest influence of this choice is related to accessibility to the work place. Saving precious time from travelling to work can be used to spend time with friends and loved ones or to allocate to hobbies and other recreational activities. A reprieve from city living is always wanted by people living in the city. A vacation spent by the house in the lake, a cabin the mountains, or a hut in the beach are the most common options.

But not all people are able to fully adjust to the change. City dwellers still longs for the feel of staying on the twentieth floor of their condominiums, the lavish style and designs of their city apartments, and all the other excitement living in the city can offer.

Adaptability to the Natural Setting

However, this is not impossible to achieve or substitute. You can greatly enjoy the pleasures of nature and the innovation of the city. This can be done with a structure that has existed long ago, the tree house. Old civilizations have enjoyed the benefits of living in a tree house. And now the present technology has greatly improved this experience. The Cheeky Monkey Tree Houses, for example, offers simple but sophisticated styles online.

A tree house can be situated on a single tree or several trees. Designs can greatly vary from conventional to innovative creations. Varieties of materials can be utilized to improve the natural experience and accentuate the structure. Materials can include glass, wood, metal, recycled materials, and good combination of all without foregoing the quality and durability of the structure.

Imagine taking a vacation and travelling to your vacation home alone or with your loved ones. It can just be outside the city, near a lake, close to the mountains, or by the beach while enjoying the clean and fresh air of the forest, or the sea breeze. Just picture waking up in the morning and seeing the beautiful view with the comforts of technology in the middle of nature, it will be the perfect reprieve to the stressful life of the city.Reference taken from here