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Tiles give a wonderful feeling to the feet.  It is rare that a person would still be wearing footwear just before stepping inside the shower or bathtub.  Normally sandals or slippers are left outside a bathroom door to leave them dry, unless of course, they are soiled and would need some cleaning.  Soiled or dirty feet would usually not leave any dirt on good tiles.  Usually, if ever there is any mess left on by the feet, the mess can easily be wiped off or washed away.

 Bathroom Tiles Melbourne now have various surface designs and materials that are not slippery that would not have any dirt stick on them.  The glossy surfaces of modern tiles are dirt and stain resistant.  That characteristic also makes water roll off or flow through them easily.

 Bathroom tile makes

 Tiles are made from different types of materials.  The basic tiles are made of ceramics with glazed surfaces.  Ceramics are the cheapest kinds of tiles available but have now various designs and shapes that are very appealing.  They do not last as long as porcelain tiles.

 Two types of porcelain tiles are available:  The glazed porcelain and the full body porcelain.  The full body porcelain is better because any scratch or small chip off will hardly be noticed.  Porcelain is harder than ceramics so it costs double or more.


 Tile options

 Those who intend to renovate their house or bathrooms more often should first use ceramic tiles.  It is a good start to see what the bathroom would look like when it is retiled or renovated.  The initial cost of tiles will not hurt too much in case it will be replaced by porcelain for renovation.

 Exotic tiles can also be an option for more stylish bathrooms.  Marble, stone and glass tiles cost more and will really make bathrooms outstanding.  The price is also outstanding.

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