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Auto glass acts as windshields; provide security and safety to cars and buildings and other constructions. This glass, allows the impact to be absorbed by layers which helps in giving resistance to the force of the object whenever it hits the glass. It is widely used in cars and industries worldwide, because of its durability and security benefits.

The Process

The Barretts Group is produced by the combination of layers, polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is inserted between the two pieces of glasses and is bonded together through heat processing. The glass sticks to the plastic, so if there is an impact it will not break or shatter into small pieces. Multiple layers and laminates and thick glass increase the glass strength. These are bonded together and when it breaks, it will still provide safe environment and no harm will occur.


This type of glass provides high safety performance, even the glass is broken, these are able to adhere to the impact of the force, so people around the surroundings will not get hurt and no harm will occur. These glasses also insulates sound and able to block transmissions of the noise and sound and reduce it eventually. This kind of glass also provides ultraviolet protection. It resists impacts from bad weather and natural disasters, it help and reduce flying objects penetrate the glass. This provide extra protection from flying objects and debris, this glass are designed to remain intact and in place and keep the car or buildings in a safe and is sealed from harm. It does not break into sharp pieces and shatter which will likely injure people. It will still remain in frame.


These glasses are applied for cars, trucks and other vehicles, buildings and industries. It is also used as partitions or shop windows or dividers. Because of its protective layer, it is more beneficial to cars, homes and buildings. This is why they choose this glass because of its advantages.Click here to know more about this.