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If you have a requirement for aerial photographs in St. Louis, you will want to scout around for the best service provider.


Whom to Choose


Your choice of provider actually depends on your particular requirements in St. Louis aerial photography.


¾     Does your prospect have the right airlift capability that matches your requirements?


Some use a small plane. Others might make use of balloons. The most costly mode would be via helicopter because taking one means being able to access areas that are otherwise difficult if not impossible for a plane. A yet another approach is by making use of remotely controlled model aircrafts.


¾     Are you in agreement with the provider in terms of cost?


Depending on your requirements, determine the most cost effective solution for you. One of possibly most critical purposes is to utilize the picture for a presentation such as slides or brochures. Therefore, the entire aesthetic aspect means you might have to spend more for the highest possible quality of captures.


¾     Does your prospective photographer have a portfolio that can give you a peek at his capabilities and taste in composition?


This is rather self-explanatory in that looking at past work, you would be able to assess whether the photographers style and techniques are a match to what you need. Each photographer has a different preference in terms of lighting, angling and texture.


¾     What will be your contract for usage of the photographs?


This is critical especially if you want exclusive rights to the photographs. How exclusive would you want them to be? Would you want the entire coverage, even those you would not have use for to be part of what you pay for or would you rather just have rights over those you choose?


A professional company or photographer will have all these issues addressed for mutual protection and satisfaction.

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