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The main purpose of identification cards and lanyards is to verify the identities of the people wearing them in school, offices, organizations and events. These cards offer extra security as it ensures that only those who should be present in the vicinity are present. However, extra precautions must be taken when opting for identification cards as there is a certain amount of risk in counterfeit or duplication, most especially for companies that work on very important or money related matters. These tips can help you determine what type of security can be used on your IDs.Visit here to find official website

1.      Lamination

The easiest and basic way to add security to identification cards is to have them laminated. It is the most affordable security option to invest in and it also enhances security as a barrier is placed directly on top of the cards to prevent them from being altered. Moreover, laminated card are more durable and they can be used longer compared to other identification cards.

2.      Holograms

A more modern way of adding extra security to identification cards is by using holograms. A custom design can be created and then laminated on the cards making them quite complex to duplicate. By investing in the services of Tailored Card Services, you can have holographic images embedded on the ID surface, along with a micro text beside it for better protection against fraud.

3.      Photo Identification Cards

The tradition ID cards are those without photos, but these days, photo identification cards are more secure than typical ID cards since no one can tell if the person wearing the ID is really the same person. They are considered to be more efficient because it allows identification by name and photograph. However, only clear photos that feature people in high resolution and natural light must be used and then printed on identification cards from Tailored Card Services.Author is an expert  go here for more interesting information